Carancahua Bay Arabians (CBA)is an Arabian and Half-Arabian breeding farm located in Carancahua (pronounced “Kuh-ron-kuh-way”) Community located along the Gulf Coast in south Texas between Palacios and Port Lavaca (approximately 100 miles southwest of Houston) on a working cattle ranch just a mile from Carancahua Bay.Established in 1912 by Andrew Loff, our 240-acre family ranch has been in continuous operation for over 90 years.  Across the road stands the old one-room Carancahua schoolhouse, symbol of a by-gone age.
Our horses are raised in pastures where they enjoy ample room to run, graze and socialize with their “pasturemates”.  Their under saddle training includes riding in the large pastures on the ranch where they are exposed to cattle, rabbits, cranes, quail and creek crossings.We are dedicated to the preservation of the unique quality and heritage of the Arabian breed.  All of our foals are imprinted at birth and Imprint Trained as foals, using Dr. Robert Miller’s techniques.  We utilize John Lyons techniques in training our young horses to ride.Our goal is to produce show quality foals and provide horses with good dispositions that are pleasant to handle and fun to ride.  We strive to lay a solid foundation of the basics on which any riding discipline can be built.  This foundation includes extensive ground work in and out of the round pen, ground driving, thousands of baby gives, and Lyons’ “Nine Places to Give” exercises for training a horse to give to the bit and break at the po
ll.CBA offers for sale quality Arabian and Half-Arabians  suitable for show, pleasure riding, ranch work, and/or breeding.  In addition, CBA is standing thrrr fine stallions, CBA Rhettoric (black straight Egyptian), cba Imperial Surtur (bay straight Egyptian) and CBA Polaris (Appaloosa marked half-Arabian).
Show horses trained by 2009 Region 9 Champion sporthorse trainer Sandy Johnson.
All our foals are imprint trained.
We welcome visitors to our ranch to see these lovely animals and invite you to bring your saddle and go for a ride out in the pasture with us to “try them out”. Please call or email us to arrange a mutually convenient time for a 281-445-4574, 713-562-3116     
2013 HAAS
2012 USEF Horse of the Year
Carancahua Bay Arabians
2009 Horseman's Awards